A Rare Opportunity

A Rare Opportunity


I wanted to revisit Daphne again since I haven’t done her justice lately. I attacked a lot of new things from a technical perspective, including a serious application of 2 point perspective, multi-light sources, experiments with textures wet and dry, etc.

I made this a story piece with Enzo and Daphne walking home from the workshop one evening. However, while I wanted this to be about Daphne, it’s also about Enzo…technically their relationship. Enzo has a hard enough time making friends, but a girl (especially a cute one) is practically a goldmine, especially since she’s his assistant. Being young and inexperienced, he’s a bit of a hopeless romantic without even knowing it. We can see here that he’s keeping Daphne dry at the expense of himself getting wet, and he’s loving every bit of it. What he doesn’t realize is that he can be a bit of a push over (Daphne knows this). Oh Enzo….you have some growing up to do. 😀



December 3, 2014