A Moment of Clarity

Life needs to stand still sometimes

A Moment of Clarity


While this piece is supposed to describe a bit of my main character, it’s also a realization of what I’m trying to go for in my art, which is not this. 🙁 I’m realizing that I’m still personally a fan of cartoon cell shading and the animated style rather than painting. I’m also not sure if I’ll stick to the hair strands since it throws the look of my characters in a way that I’m a bit uncomfortable with. Oh well, this was strictly an experiment in technique and wouldn’t know all this unless I tried. I’m not displeased with the piece, but don’t think I’ll return to this form anytime soon.

As we can see, this is a piece for my main character Arlo. I wanted this to depict a happier moment in his life considering his character is deeply troubled in the head. Losing his dad, a troubled relationship with his mom, and unable to completely relate to his brother keeps him in an alienated spot, contributing to his depression. This shows a brief moment where all those thoughts have drifted away. Unfortunately for Arlo, nothing lasts forever.



October 6, 2014