A Cringeworthy Performance

Embarrassment has no bounds

A Cringeworthy Performance


This is my next big piece featuring Arlo and Lily. This is actually Lily’s first piece! Going into this, I specifically focused on trying to keep my colors in check, backing off on vibrance, while paying close attention to lighting and perspective. I also realized the success of this piece relies on the dynamic of Arlo and Lily from gesture to expression. This was a challenging piece as I tried a lot of new tricks, as well as some new brushes to try out. I also got a little ballsy drawing many onlookers (as I call NPC’s). This helps convey the reactions in this piece. Also, I’m kind of a fan of Scandinavian architecture and areas around Switzerland / Germany, hence the environment.

About the piece:

Arlo and Lily have known each other a long time coming from two different ways of life. Lily is smart, sassy, and very practical. She sees through all of Arlo’s antics and crap, calling him out whenever needed. Arlo doesn’t like her being right all the time, so his way of getting back is to embarrass the hell out of her with song and dance…..IN PUBLIC. Arlo is shameless and a romantic to a fault. They aren’t exactly a couple, but they sure act like one.



April 5, 2015